The Trudy Turtleneck, Wardrobe By Me

A Review of the Trudy Turtleneck Pdf Pattern by Wardrobe by Me.

A Review of the Trudy Turtleneck by Wardrobe by Me

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This is my third Trudy Turtleneck by Wardrobe by Me. I just love the fit and comfort - great to be worn alone or under a tunic.

It is described on the website as:

a straightforward fitted Turtleneck shirt with 2 collar options; a high collar (6”/ 15 cm) and a low collar (2.5” / 7 cm). The sleeve has five length options. The body is fitted with a straight hem. 

I've made all three of my Trudy Turtlenecks with the high collar. The third version I made has 3/4 sleeves rather than long like the others but that was because I couldn't quite squeeze the full length out of the fabric I had.

The fabric I used comes from Loris Textiles and was left over from The Laurel Dress by GreenstyleCreations that I made previously. The recommended fabric is knit jersey with 3-8% stretch - I think the fabric I used has more stretch but this didn't affect the finish. You do want something light weight though.

This pattern is recommended for advanced beginners and I agree that a beginner could definitely make a good job of the Trudy Turtleneck. There are clear instructions and diagrams but no fitting guides.

A Review of the Trudy Turtleneck by Wardrobe by Me

Final Thoughts: I love my Trudy Turtlenecks and will probably make many more. They take just over a metre of fabric to make so its super affordable too.

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