The Tie Me Up Belt, George + Ginger

A Review of The Tie Me Up Belt Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns including Tips on how to sew Faux Leather.

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The Tie Me Up Belt pdf pattern includes four belt styles:

  • basic

  • wide

  • asymmetric

  • corset

and three tie styles:

  • thin

  • leaf

  • thick.

Also included is a dolman t-shirt dress. The size ranges from full bust 28.5" - 55.5", waist 23.5" - 48".

The Tie Me Up Belt Pdf Pattern George + Ginger Patterns

Suggested fabric for the belt is a heavy faux leather or vinyl for stability. However, woven fabrics like canvas with a heavy interfacing can be used. Tips and trick for working with heavy fabrics are included in the instructions!

Suggested fabric for the dolman dress is knit with 50% stretch, such as double brushed polyester, cotton lycra or jersey.

Source: George + Ginger Patterns

Tie Me Up Belt with Dolman Dress Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns
Wide Tie Me Up Belt with Leaf Ties worn with The Dolman Dress that is included with the Pattern.

I chose to make the Wide Tie Me Up Belt with Leaf Ties. I had some faux leather which I'd used to make my York Pinafore Dress but it was far too light weight and the finished belt was very flimsy. I ended up purchasing some medium weight faux leather from The Yorkshire Trading Co. They are a budget shop based in the North of England selling most things including a very useful haberdashery section. I only needed a half metre to make the belt but because there was a cut in the leather I was given a full metre for only £2.50!! This faux leather is really good quality and very nice to work with.

The Tie Me Up Belt Pdf Pattern George + Ginger Patterns
The Tie Me Up Belt in Faux Leather

Sewing faux leather can be tricky. I experimented on scraps and found the following to work best for me:

  • use clips rather than pins

  • use double-sided sticky tape to hold seams down and position pieces accurately

  • use a leather needle

  • use a teflon foot - this glides over the leather preventing any drag

  • sew using a longer stitch length (I used number 4)

  • most importantly - GO SLOWLY! I found this fundamental in achieving even stitches - I almost had to hand crank in some areas to control the speed. If I went too fast the stitching on the reverse bunched up and snagged.

I did try using tissue paper too which gives a lovely smooth surface for sewing but I found it quite difficult to remove, leaving small bits of paper stuck in the stitches.

How to Sew Faux Leather
I found Clips and a Teflon foot invaluable when sewing this Faux Leather.

The Tie Me Up Belt pdf instructions were easy to follow but construction can be fiddly in some places - you are expected to top stitch at 1/8" but there is no way my machine can do that on a bulky leather seam. The Wide Belt with Leaf Ties that I made has three sections: the main front piece, the ties and a side piece which connects the front with the ties. I did query the instructions as the side piece is left with raw edges all the way around but apparently that is the intention. The finish looks okay though and of course the faux leather isn't going to fray. I could use a felt tip pen to colour the raw edges if I feel they look too obvious.

The Dolman Dress that is included with The Tie Me Up pattern is a delight! It is short in length but that could easily be adapted but I really like the easy, comfy fit. I'll definitely make more of these, they are ideal to wear over leggings or even as a night dress. You'll have one cut and sewn in only a few hours.

Tie Me Up Belt Ginger Dress Pdf Pattern George + Ginger Patterns
Wide Tie Me Up Belt with Leaf Ties worn with a Ginger Dress also by George + Ginger Patterns.

Perhaps I should have taken into account that I’m short waisted and taken some width (height) out from the belt front piece because it basically fills in the whole area between my bust and hips! Also, if I were to make another I would make the ties longer so it’s easier to secure with a double knot. However, the Dolman Dress and Tie Me Up Belt are a cute combo. I really like the finished look and know that I will be able to wear this belt with lots of other dresses that I have made.

Tie Me Up Belt Pdf Pattern George + Ginger Patterns
Wide Tie Me Up Belt with Leaf Ties worn with The Dolman Dress that is included with the Pattern.

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