The Switch It Up Bra, The Team G+G Collection

The Switch It Up Bra, Front Edition, Option A, Pdf Pattern from George + Ginger.

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George & Ginger Patterns have just released The Team G+G Collection which includes The Switch It Up Bra (Front Edition), The Switch It Up Bra (Back Edition) and The Tryout Tracksuit! You can purchase all three at a reduced price, a Bra Bundle or individually.

The Switch It Up Bra comes in two editions: a Front Edition with a plain back and 10 different interchangeable front options and a Back Edition with a plain front and 10 different interchangeable back options.

The Switch It Up Bra is available in sizes Tween (12) up to 5X (26) which is a full bust range of 28.5" to 55.5" and includes cup sizes from A - H. The Pdf comes in A0, A4, US Letter and Projector versions with Layers enabled.

Recommended fabric for The Switch It Up Bra is Cotton Lycra but you can use any knit with at least 40% horizontal stretch. Fabric suggestions for making larger sizes include:

  • using thicker fabric for more support with less stretch along the grainline

  • adding power mesh between your main and lining fabric

  • adding elastic to the straps and/or binding.

You choose your pattern size using your under bust measurement and there are detailed instructions on how to choose your cup size. This cup size is not the same as you'd necessarily buy in store, so it's worth the effort to measure accurately to get the best fit.

The Switch It Up Bra pdf pattern george and ginger

I chose to test Option A of The Switch It Up Bra Front Edition. It has a strappy front with an overlay section. I decided to use scuba fabric because it offers good support. I found this great Black and Neon Scuba Knit from Minerva Crafts. Its important not to use a super thick spongy scuba though as you will have great difficulty with the straps/bindings. I used a stretch net for the overlay. My measurements put me in a size 14D but I made a muslin in size 14DD because I felt that the scuba might not stretch enough. The muslin was a great fit so I kept to that size. I also added 1" elastic to the band for extra support.

The Switch It Up Bra pdf pattern george and ginger

The instructions for Option A of The Switch It Up Bra Front Edition are very detailed with step-by-step clear diagrams. There are also common instructions such as how to create the straps which are applicable to all versions. Included at the end of the instructions is a fit trouble shooting guide too. I didn't need to use this guide so can't comment how helpful it is.

The Switch It Up Bra pdf pattern george and ginger

I was a little cautious when I started making my Switch It Up Bra because I thought that the straps/bindings could be fiddly but actually it all went together really well. I used a standard straight stitch with stretch needle changing to a zigzag stitch for the topstitching. You have to press memory folds into the straps during construction which I couldn't really do with the scuba but apart from that I was able to follow the instructions exactly.

The Switch It Up Bra Front Edition is an all-in-one design that's perfect for mixing and matching your favorite styles! One basic, full coverage back with TEN different front options - all interchangeable and ready to be customised just for you!

George + Ginger Patterns

The Switch It Up Bra is a really fun pdf pattern with so many options. Just think of all the different colour combinations you could create! Also, it doesn't really use up very much fabric - you will be able to use left over pieces from previous projects. I'm also thinking that it would be so easy to add a gathered skirt to the under bust band to create summer sporty dresses or even baby doll style night dresses. Ofcourse there is the option of making swim tops too. You'd need to source swim elastic but could create some really unique looks!

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