The Starc Top - Version Two, George + Ginger

Version Two of the Starc Top Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns.

Starc Top Dress George Ginger Patterns

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I recently reviewed The Starc Top by George and Ginger Patterns and although I am happy with the finished top and feel that I will get some wear out of it this summer I wanted to try again with a different option for the back. See my first version here.

The straps from the front and back of The Starc are joined together by a fabric diamond shape that sits at the centre back. I wasn't happy with the diamond in my original make because I couldn't get a really neat finish - also the scuba fabric makes it a bit 'chunky'.

Starc Top Dress George Ginger Patterns

I experimented with some fabric straps and decided on a woven look at the back of The Starc. This meant that I had to construct The Starc in a different way and also work out the new strap lengths. The original Starc is made with 12 straps but I only needed six (three for the left and three for the right) for my version. After some maths and experimentation I found that the best lengths for making size 14 are:

Front outer to back inner - 13.75"x2

Middle to middle - 14.75" x2

Front inner to back outer - 16" x2

To construct I added the straps to the back bodice and lining (in the same manner as the instructions) and then added the channel and elastic. I pinned the front and back pieces of The Starc to my sewing form so I could 'weave' the straps and then work out which way they needed to be attached to the front. I used wash-away tape rather than pinning to attach the straps and then sewed the front bodice to the lining, sandwiching the straps in-between. I could then simply follow the original instructions for sewing up the sides of the main and lining fabric.

Starc Top Dress George Ginger Patterns

This version was a bit of an experiment so I repurposed some fabric cut from a charity shop dress. Its a black jersey and quite flimsy. For this reason, I decided to tack some bra pads to the inside between the main fabric and the lining.

Final Thoughts: I think I may prefer this version but it would be better constructed out of a more structured knit to provide support.

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