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A Review of The Romy Set Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns.

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I've looked at this Romy Set a few times by George and Ginger Patterns but the cover photo shows a version that I would never wear so I hadn't investigated further. However, its on offer this month so I had a better look. It turns out that there are two pieces - a v-neck tank or dress and bolero. Its described by the designer as:

Comfy and cozy and so cute! Including a V-neck tank, gathered bolero and simple bolero, this pattern is so versatile! There are also lined and unlined versions for each bolero and three sleeve lengths! Suggested fabric for this pattern is a sweater knit, preferably hacci, with 50% stretch. Any knit fabric will work, but may give different results. Beautifully designed layered pieces for tween sizes 12-14 and sizes 0-26.

I decided to give The Romy Set a try for two reasons: I haven't done a V-neck before and it seems very versatile - I can make a sleeveless tunic for the summer which will have a matching bolero for the cooler months. Originally I thought I would make the unlined simple bolero but decided to go for the lined version as I thought that it would give a neater finish. I had planned to make long-sleeves but ended up doing 3/4 because of the directional pattern on the fabric.

I hadn't chosen this fabric with The Romy Set in mind - I noticed it one day precariously balanced on the top shelf at Loris Textiles and was attracted to the bright colours so I washed and stashed it. It is 4-way stretch and because of the directional fabric design I had to cut the pattern pieces against rather than with the grain. I wasn't sure if this was the right way to do it but it worked out fine and there is enough stretch to fit across the bodice.

My bust measurements put me in an XL but with every G+G pattern I've made I find that the X (14) is a better fit. I think you can get away with a lot when you are using stretch fabrics! The pattern is drafted for 5'6" so I took some length out of the paper pattern before cutting. The pattern gives instructions on how to do this if you are unsure.

The pdf pattern went together beautifully and the instructions were easy to follow.

I used my serger as much as possible because my sewing machine wasn't feeling too happy about sewing the stretch fabric even with a stretch needle. The way that the bolero is lined means that some cross seams are quite thick. I hand-basted the start of these seams before putting through the serger to prevent any slipping - I hate it when the seams shift at the beginning of a seam.

I found the V-neck insertion a challenge and I'm not happy with the end result as it doesn't line up. After three of four attempts though I had to accept that this was the best I was going to get.

There are a few YouTube videos I found that were useful. Ioana Dumitresc's video entitled "How to sew a perfect V neckline tutorial" was helpful but I chose not to use her idea of applying wondertape to line up the V-neck. I wish I had though and will definitely try this method the next time. I also liked "How to sew a v neck shirt" by Once Upon a Sewing Machine which had some good tips. I really need to sit and spend a good session just practising v-necks with some scrap fabric (I really should have practised before starting the main project but hey ho!).

I enjoyed making this outfit but I'm not sure I like it all that much. Perhaps the fabric is a little too busy for me. I love the idea of it - and the little bolero is super cute. I think I will make another set but perhaps not have both pieces in the same fabric pattern. If one of the items were plain I'd probably get more use out of it.

Final Thoughts: great options, cute idea not sure it suits me though.

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