The Roller Romper, George + Ginger

A Review of The Roller Romper Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns.

The Roller Romper George and Ginger Pdf Pattern

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I have started to think about Autumn makes and I don't really need any more Summer clothes but there is something so appealing about The Roller Romper by George & Ginger Patterns. It looks fun and comfortable and a little bit Retro.

The Roller Romper is retro heaven! Designed with the 80s vibe in mind, the relaxed bodice and booty shorts (accented with a pop of binding) give a flattering silhouette while staying comfortable. And, as a BONUS, there is a “separates” modification included in the instructions for an easy tank/shorts combo!

Source: George & Ginger Patterns.

Suggested fabric for The Roller Romper is knit with 2-way or 4-way 50% stretch. The size range is from Tween - 5x. You choose the size to make according to your full bust measurement which put me in a XL (16). My waist measurement puts me in a L (14) but I didn't do any grading between sizes as there is an elasticated waist - I simply cut the elastic to the right size for my waist measurement.

The Roller Romper George and Ginger Pdf Pattern

The Roller Romper is drafted to fit a 5'6" model. I'm 5'4" so following the instructions in the tutorial and the shorten lines on the pattern I took ½" from the bodice, the shorts and the shorts binding. The finished inseam is 2.25" for all sizes.

I was intimidated with the amount of binding on The Roller Romper, especially doing it in knit fabric however it was really easy. I chose a stretchy knit from my scrap box but made sure it pressed well, this helps with the binding because you memory press folds into it before sewing. I used a stretch needle and my zigzag stitch. The binding pattern pieces are notched and its really important to mark these onto your fabric pattern pieces as they become really useful when evenly attaching the binding to the shorts and bodice .

The first area you bind when constructing The Roller Romper is the front neck of the bodice. You then sew the side seams of the back and front bodice before sewing the back binding. This goes around the back, under the arms and up over the shoulders to create the straps. This is a great opportunity to try on the bodice top and adjust the straps for fit before sewing them in place. Sewing the binding to the shorts is a little bit trickier because of the curves but I found that if I took my time and pinned carefully it was fine - giving the binding a good steam after sewing also made sure that it lay flat and even.

The last piece of construction is creating the channel for the elastic - once your elastic is threaded through you're good to go! Its a great feeling when you realise that you have no hemming to do because all the edges are finished already!

There is the option to make separates but I chose to make The Roller Romper as one complete garment. You have to step into it through the bodice but I have found it super easy to take on and off. I feel that The Roller Romper is probably something I will only wear around the house and garden but its so comfortable I don't want to take it off!

Final Thoughts: The Roller Romper is a lot of fun. I think it would make a great little sleep set or even a swim cover-up for the beach.

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