The Rock Skirt Set, George + Ginger

A Review of The Rock Skirt Set Pdf Pattern (formerly known as The Riot) by George + Ginger Patterns.

The Rock Skirt Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

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I hadn't really considered The Rock Skirt before because I thought that the straps would be really annoying and constantly slipping off your shoulders - however - it turns out that the straps cross over at the back!

The Rock Riot Skirt Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

There are four skirt types to choose from:

  • fitted

  • circle

  • flounce

  • pleated

and three waistband options:

  • basic

  • curved

  • stripe.

I chose to make the Circle Skirt with Basic Waistband and straps. I liked the look of the Stripe Waistband which has a narrow waistband and two more 'floating' bands but I wasn't sure how well it would fit on me because I am short waisted.

The Rock Riot Skirt Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

Recommended fabric for The Rock Skirt is a 2-way stretch with structure with at least 30% stretch. I had purchased some fabric from Forever Fabrics. It was on offer so I bought 2 metres of it without a pattern in mind but as soon as I received it I knew it would be perfect for The Rock Skirt. It is described on the website as "leather look leopard print stretch". It has an interesting raised detail with the feel of crepe. It was such a lovely fabric to work with that I actually ordered another 2 metres.

The Rock  Riot Skirt Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

As with all the George & Ginger pdf patterns that I have tried, the paper pattern goes together really well - the actual pdf pattern is very well designed. I like the fact that there is also a 'Print Saver' chart in the instructions showing you what pages you need to print for the different options you have chosen.

The Rock Riot Skirt Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

The Straps on The Rock Skirt are each sewn together length ways, turned right way out and then top stitched. I then remeasured the Straps against the original paper pattern piece and they had stretched out by 2" (5cm) so I trimmed them accordingly. Once the Straps were basted to the waistband (before adding the skirt) I tried it on and found that I could take the straps in by a further 3" (8 cm). Well worth checking the Straps at this point as it would be super annoying to adjust them after the skirt has been added!

After attaching the Skirt to the Waistband you only have to hem and then you are done! Hemming a Circle Skirt can be fiddly because of the curve. I find that if I serge the raw edge first enough stretch is created to allow the hem to fold over flat and neatly for top stitching.

The Rock Riot Skirt Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

As a final touch I added leather covered buttons to the waistband of my Rock Skirt. If I make another I think I'll try something like a corset style belt with rivets.

I'm wearing my Rock Skirt with The Rave Shirt - there are three neck options - as well as square you can choose scooped or angled. Read my review of the pdf pattern here.

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