The Rave Shirt: Dress Hack, George + Ginger

Hacking The Rave Shirt (George + Ginger Patterns) into a Dress with Flutter Sleeves.

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I've previously made The Rave Shirt Set with the Angled Neckline (REVIEW HERE) and the Square Neckline (REVIEW HERE) but not the Scoop Neckline.

I definitely get more wear out of dresses/tunics than I do tops so I planned to hack The Rave Shirt into a dress. Because I've made versions of The Rave Shirt before I've already graded the pattern and know that the bodice is a good fit. I cut out the Scoop Neckline at the crop length.

Flutter Sleeves are very popular at the moment so I thought I'd hack those too! I followed the tutorial by Ellie & Mac Patterns. It's simply a case of cutting and spreading your short sleeve pattern piece. The more you spread your pattern piece the more flutter you will get - I also chose not to hem my sleeves as my fabric doesn't fray.

Once I had made the Crop Top version of The Rave Shirt I simply sewed on a circle skirt. I really like a circle skirt - they are a flattering shape and have no side seams. Again I didn't hem.

how to draft a circle skirt

Recommended fabric for The Rave Shirt Set is a knit with at least 50% stretch. I had 2 metres of lovely soft touch ITY Stretch Fabric from PoundFabrics which I knew would be perfect. I was very careful to cut out my pattern pieces so the big circles weren't on my chest, however, I was still very disappointed with the placement. Those two white circles look like eyes staring back at me!

I tried a few different options including sewing a ruffle around the neckline to hide the offending circles but nothing looked right - it was all a bit fussy. I decided to try dying the fabric and chose the colour Forest Green by Dylon. I knew this was a risk. This fabric may not dye at all because it isn't cotton and I had no idea how the pattern would come out. Unfortunately, the fabric came out the exact same colour as it went in - back to the drawing board!

My final attempt at toning the white circles was to colour them in with Sharpies! This was quite a fun project and after one wash the colour has remained although I assume it will fade after time. I still don't really like the placement of those circles - it may only be me that notices them but I find them really distracting! I like the fit and comfort of this dress though - if I had enough fabric I would have recut the front bodice to be 100% happy with it.

Rave Shirt Set Dress Flutter Sleeves Hack

As I still had the paper pattern pieces out I sewed up a quick Cropped Rave Shirt with Scoop Neck. This was a really quick little sew and although I'd never usually wear a crop it goes really well with my Rock Skirt (REVIEW HERE) which has quite a high waist. I used some left over mesh-type fabric and I'm really pleased with the outcome.

Rave Shirt Set Crop Top Flutter Sleeves Hack

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