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A Review of The Reversible Metamorphic Dress Pdf Pattern by Sew Liberated.

Hi, I'm back! Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been blogging lately. The reason is that my family and I have relocated from Cyprus back to the North East of England. All of my sewing gear was packed up at the beginning of September and its only in the past week that I've been able to unpack and set up my new sewing room. You may see a change in the type of garments I choose to make and the type of locations that I take my pictures in but hopefully you'll still remain interested in my makes!

Reversible Metamorphic Dress Pdf Pattern Review

To ease myself in gently I chose to make The Metamorphic Dress by Sew Liberated. Its a simple design but the fun factor is that its reversible. Its designed to fit loosely through the bodice with large armholes and no darts. Its drafted for a C/D cup.

Featuring a high / low waist seam and complete reversibility, it's inspired by the possibility of layers - wear it with the tiered skirt and patch pockets, or flip it inside out and enjoy a basic, single-layer pinafore with in-seam pockets. Layer it over jeans, leggings, or a mid-length Stasia Dress, or layer it under your favorite woven tee or knitted cardigan. Wear it on the beach over your swimsuit or favorite short-sleeve, fitted knit tee.

Source: Sew Liberated

Recommended fabric is rayon types or light to mid weight linen. You won't want anything too thick as it will be double layered. The Top Layer of The Metamorphic Dress has a curved hem showing the Under Layer therefore the fabric you choose for the Under Layer needs to be reversible. Many years ago I bought a large red patterned tablecloth from a charity shop with the idea of making a dress. However, I ended up using it as a tablecloth at Christmas. I thought it would be perfect for The Metamorphic Dress though as it has an interesting design with a linen like feel. I chose a plain black linen for the Under Layer.

Reversible Metamorphic Dress Pdf Pattern Review

The design of The Metamorphic Dress has patch pockets on the Top Layer and inseam pockets on the Under Layer. I chose to put the inseam pockets on the Top Layer because the pattern is so busy that patch pockets wouldn't really show. I decided against pockets on the Under Layer.

Metamorphic Pdf Pattern Review
My Little Helper.

The Pdf went together nicely although it doesn't feature Layers so you have to print out every size and try to follow where your lines go. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, however, the diagrams are hand drawn so they are less detailed and not all the diagrams are with the matching instructions.

I used an old duvet cover as muslin material.

The Metamorphic Dress comes in sizes 0 - 24 which fits the bust from 79 cm to 122 cm. My measurements put me between a size 14 and 16 so I made a muslin up in a size 16. I thought the muslin fit well considering it is meant to be a loose fit.

The Pdf instructions for The Metamorphic Dress give directions on which seams to finish (by zigzagging or serging) prior to sewing. I thought this was a nice touch as most patterns let you work that out for yourself. However, I didn't follow these instructions exactly. The instructions say to finish all the raw edges of the inseam pockets and the side seams of the skirt pieces. I serged the curved edges only on the pockets, pinned them into position on the skirt pieces and then serged the skirt side seams, including the pockets. Similarly with the waist seams - instead of serging all the raw edges individually, I gathered the skirt, sewed it to the bodice and then serged them together.

Reversible Metamorphic Dress Pdf Pattern Review

Construction of The Metamorphic Dress is very straight forward. Once you have added the pockets and gathered the skirts to the bodice you then sew the shoulders and neckline and use the 'burrito method' to complete construction so that the Dress is fully reversible.

I'm really pleased with my finished Metamorphic Dress and the Under Layer is as wearable as the Top Layer which I was concerned about. This dress is super comfortable and quite versatile - I'll layer it in the cooler months but can wear it alone in the warmer months. If I make another Metamorphic Dress I think that I'll try to make the neckline smaller as perhaps the fit across the shoulders is a little broad.

Reversible Metamorphic Dress Pdf Pattern Review

Final Thoughts: I'm really pleased with my first make since returning to the UK. The Metamorphic Dress is really versatile and can be worn lots of different ways.

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