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Making a Dress Version of The Lollapalooza Top Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns.

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As an affiliate member of George + Ginger Patterns I'm obliged to make at least one of their patterns every three months. This is usually great for me - I love their designs! However, this month I didn't really feel inspired by The Lollapalooza Top. Firstly, I don't tend to wear tops that length and, secondly, it's off-the-shoulder and I'm not keen on strapless bras. I thought I would give it a try though with the intention of lengthening it to dress length and somehow adding straps.

Making The Lollapalooza Top into a dress was an easy case of lengthening the hem ruffle which is a simple rectangular shape but I had to measure carefully as I only had 2 metres of fabric. I found that if I cut the skirt on the fold rather than two seperate pieces I could easily get enough length from my fabric which was 57" (146cm) wide.

The Lollapalooza Top is perfect for any occasion! With an elegant, off-shoulder design and flared gathered sleeves, it's a flattering yet comfortable style for every day.

Source: George + Ginger Patterns

Suggested fabric for The Lollapalooza Top is quilters cotton or lightweight linen but I used Royal Micro Satin purchased from It's always a risk buying fabric online but I like the feel of this micro satin - it has a nice drape, and is soft without being too flimsy. Ofcourse mini yellow monkeys on a black background were hard to resist too! You'll also need 3/4" wide (20mm) elastic for the casing around the shoulders and waist.

The Lollapalooza Top is available in sizes Tween - 5X which is a full bust range of 28.5" - 55.5". The pdf is layered and comes in sizes A4, US Letter, A0 and Projector versions. You choose your size by your full bust measurement so I printed and cut a size 16. I didn't grade smaller for the upper bust or waist like I would normally because it's elasticated so I'll be able to adjust to fit with my length of elastic.

Lollapalooza Top Dress Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

The Lollapalooza Top is drafted for a height of 5'6" so, as instructed, I shortened the bodice front and back by 1" - leaving the skirt as I knew I wanted to make that longer anyway.

Lollapalooza Top Dress Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

The sewing instructions were easy to follow as The Lollapalooza Top is quite a simple design. The bodice comes together nicely and construction is well explained. I had enough fabric for the sleeve ruffles but after going to the effort of gathering, sewing and hemming them I decided I didn't like the look and cut them off! I found them too long and wide and they made the dress look very unflattering on me. I don't know if this was because of my choice of fabric or because I had changed the design from a top to a dress - certainly the sleeve ruffles look nice on all the models (who come in all different shapes and sizes) on the listing page.

Lollapalooza Top Dress Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

The Lollapalooza Top instructions include a cut chart showing what length to cut your elastic for the shoulders and waist. I found the given length too tight for me across the shoulders so I would recommend measuring yourself first with your intended elastic and once you have threaded your elastic through your casing just pin with a safety pin and try it on - adjusting for fit before sewing the ends together. Surprisingly, this off-the-shoulder design is very comfortable - I can move my arms about quite freely without the shoulders slipping up or down.

Lollapalooza Top Dress Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

I made straps for my Lollapalooza Top by sewing long rectangular casings but whatever position I sewed them on I couldn't get them to consistently cover my bra straps - they just kept shifting around too much. Therefore, I chopped off the straps (as well as the sleeve ruffles) and had to concede to wearing a strapless bra!

Lollapalooza Top Dress Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

My finished Lollapalooza Top/Dress isn't exactly the look I originally wanted but I'm pleased with the outcome and it certainly feels lovely and comfy to wear. I haven't used micro satin before but it feels very soft against the skin and was a nice fabric to handle and sew up. I wouldn't normally choose an elasticated waist like this as I think it can sometimes give the look of a 'sack of potatoes' but the skirt doesn't have too much gathering so remains reasonably flattering. I really like the wide elbow length sleeves too.

Lollapalooza Top Dress Pdf Pattern Review George and Ginger Patterns

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