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A Review and Hack of The Little Black Bra Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns.

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The Little Black Bra is a FREE pdf pattern by George + Ginger Patterns - it used to be called The Lovesick Bra but after a redraft the name was changed to The Little Black Bra because the designer became irritated by an individual on Facebook who moaned that pattern testers shouldn't use black fabric for their creations and photographs.

The Little Black Bra (formerly the Lovesick) is great for beginners! Head over to our YouTube channel to claim a coupon code in the video, making this a FREE download!

Source: George + Ginger Patterns

I made a few Little Black Bras when it was re-released (SEE MY REVIEW HERE) and they are a great comfortable bra with no fastenings. However, the style is more like a sports bra, in my opinion, and I felt that I wanted something that was 'prettier' while still remaining comfortable.

The first thing that I wanted to change was the bra straps of The Little Black Bra - in the pattern you create them yourself but I always felt that they were a little wide on me. Also, the straps are under a lot of strain and the fabric version could potentially stretch. The pattern does suggest adding elastic to the straps to prevent this but for me this added bulk. Therefore, I purchased 10 metres of Bra Elastic that is 1cm (3/8") wide. It is satin on one side and soft touch on the other. I'm so pleased with this product - the bra feels well supported and it was much easier to sew into place than the thick fabric straps.

Little Black Bra Pdf Pattern Review Hack

Another change I made was to the side seam - it was too high for me under the arms. I lowered it by approximately 2cm (3/4") but then realised that I'd never really liked the dart at the top as it didn't lay flat for me so I lowered the side seam some more and completely scooped out the underarm, getting rid of the dart!

This change has implications on other pattern pieces. I had to shorten the side seam of the BACK piece to match the FRONT piece and then add this difference to the length of the straps.

Little Black Bra Pdf Pattern Review Hack

Another change I made to the design was to lower the front. Initially I lowered it by 4cms (1.5") but after wearing the bra for a day I thought this was a little too low so l tried lowering it by 2.5cm (1") only and this was much better! I also changed the pattern piece so it was cut on the fold by taking out the seam allowance from the centre front.

The final change I made was to redraw the darts - this doesn't affect the fit of The Little Black Bra but it always bothered me that they didn't have tails. The tails mean that when the dart is sewn and folded back the raw edges all line up.

Little Black Bra Pdf Pattern Review Hack

These are all edits I made to The Little Black Bra to make it the perfect fit for me - I'm not suggesting that the same alterations would work across all the sizes - especially taking out the top dart. Also, your choice of fabric makes a huge difference. My black version with silver stripe is actually a lurex fabric which doesn't really add any support but I've lined it in an athletic 4-way stretch that is very structured and supportive.

Little Black Bra Pdf Pattern Review Hack

The good thing is that The Little Black Bra doesn't use much fabric so it's a great opportunity to experiment without feeling that you're wasting fabric. I used leftovers for all my bras - fabric pieces that I have kept but are too small to get a top out of were perfect.

Little Black Bra Pdf Pattern Review Hack

Through my experiments I did find that whatever fabric I used I still needed to add elastic around the base - this adds support and keeps everything in place! This may depend on what cup size you make but without the elastic I found that the bra didn't stay in position as well. The original pattern comes with a crop band or slim band option. I tried the crop band on one of my versions but it just rolled up at the front so I recut it to a slim band. I experimented with the elastic that I had already - either adding wide elastic inside of the band or sewing narrow elastic directly onto the seam and using stretch lace trim for the band.

Little Black Bra Pdf Pattern Review Hack

I'm really pleased with my finished Little Black Bras - if you have the time and patience I really recommend just experimenting with this pattern - a few tweaks here and there and you will have the perfect bra. I really like the comfort factor - I've made the bands exactly to my size so it doesn't cut into me, the back is wide enough to hide 'fat rolls' under fitted clothes and there are no fastenings to fuss with. I recommend this pattern to beginners too as the construction is very straightforward - go on, try it!

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