The Hoodie Dog Sweater - Version 2, Ellie & Mac Patterns

A Different Version of the Hoodie Dog Sweater Pdf Pattern by Ellie & Mac.

Hoodie Dog Sweater by Ellie and Mac

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I was quite pleased with my Hoodie Dog Sweater by Ellie and Mac and Bramble was certainly happy to wear it but there were a few adjustments that I wanted to try.

Hoodie Dog Sweater by Ellie and Mac

The first thing I changed was the fabric choice. My first version was made with some jersey from an old pair of pyjamas and the fabric ended up being too baggy. For my second Hoodie Dog Sweater I used some left-over scuba fabric which is a much more stable knit. I edged with a nice jersey because I still wanted the neck and leg bands to have decent stretch. This was a very nice combination of fabrics to work with and I'm pleased with the finish. The only thing I have to  bear in mind is that scuba gets very warm - I will only be able to put this Hoodie Dog Sweater on Bramble when it is particularly cold (it does actually get quite cold here in Cyprus in Winter).

Hoodie Dog Sweater by Ellie and Mac

Although the hood of the Hoodie Dog Sweater is a cute feature I decided to omit it because my Border Terrier would never wear it anyway and on the first version it just flopped around. However, on reflection I think it probably would have sat quite nicely in the scuba fabric. I also omitted the placket opening. I found that when the lead was fed through this opening the movement of the lead and my dog pulled the sweater back and forth around her neck.

Hoodie Dog Sweater by Ellie and Mac

I decided to add a jersey turtle neck opening rather than just a neck band. I felt that this wider neck piece would hold the Hoodie Dog Sweater in place better - with the hoodie version the sweater moved down Bramble's body slightly. The turtle neck is easy to get on and off but then holds the Hoodie Dog Sweater in place nicely. I can fold it up or down depending on whether Bramble is wearing her lead or not. I wanted the finished turtle neck to be 10cms high so I cut 20cms for the height planning to fold it in half longways before sewing to the neck opening. I worked out the width measurement of the turtle neck by measuring the finished neckline opening of the body and multiplying it by 85%.

Hoodie Dog Sweater by Ellie and Mac

The finished Hoodie Dog Sweater looks great on Bramble and she can run around easily in it. She doesn't look uncomfortable and is quite happy for me to put it on her. I may make more if the right fabric comes along.

Final Thoughts: This is a great pattern and a wonderful scrap buster.

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