The Ginger Dress, George + Ginger

A Review of the Ginger Dress Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns.

the Ginger Dress by George and Ginger Patterns

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The Ginger Dress by George and Ginger Patterns has always attracted me but I wanted to wait until the weather started to cool before making it. The designer describes it as:

The definition of style and class! This handkerchief dress pattern is perfect for mixing fabric types and textures!

Three sleeve lengths are included in The Ginger Dress pattern as well as a cardigan hack. Recommended fabric is a 2-way lightweight knit with at least 50% stretch. The trim can be in any type of fabric.

The Ginger Dress is my typical style - something without fastenings that you just pull over your head. Comfortable to wear and easy to dress up or down. I've had this fabric from Loris Textiles in my stash for a while waiting for the right design. The colours are autumnal with a splash of gold running through. The reverse has a tie dye effect so I decided to attach the trim to the hem with the wrong side of the fabric facing out to give a subtle contrast. The fabric has 50% stretch and a crease running through it - definitely a wash and hang to dry, no ironing type of garment! 

As with all the George and Ginger patterns I've made previously the pdf goes together really well and the instructions are great. This is a quick and easy sew as there are no fastenings or darts. The only alteration I made was to shorten the paper pattern before cutting. There are good instructions on how to do this in the tutorial as the lengthening/shortening line isn't in the usual place on the pattern because of the handkerchief shape. Its important to remember to shorten (or lengthen) the trim by the same amount too.

Final Thoughts: Love this design and will definitely make more!

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