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Does this FREE Pdf T-shirt Pattern from George + Ginger Patterns Deliver?

Gee Tee George and Ginger Patterns Free pdf

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I happened to have some left-over grey jersey from a previous project that has a lovely silky feel with a bit of weight to it that I knew The Teenager would like. I had just enough for the body of a T-shirt but needed to use some black jersey for the neckband and sleeves.

I've been following George and Ginger's YouTube page since she started it about six months ago. There is a mix of FREE patterns, tutorials and interesting snippets. If you head over to the website you can purchase the Gee Shirt for $5 - however, there is a link to the YouTube video where you will find a coupon code to get the Gee Tee for FREE!

All the instructions for the Gee Tee are in the YouTube video - you only get the pattern pieces in your Pdf download but amazingly the size range goes from newborn to 5X! Suggested fabric is knit with 50% stretch.

You choose the size by chest measurement - I made a L (12) which resulted in a nice relaxed fit for The Teenager - not too big and not too small.

Gee Tee George and Ginger Patterns Free pdf

Construction of the Gee Tee is really straightforward. Essentially, you sew the shoulders, sleeves and then the sides. The neckband is probably the most challenging part for an absolute beginner but once you've done a few they aren't so intimidating. The most important thing to do is to divide the neck opening and neckband into quarters and then gently stretch the neckband while you are sewing within those quarter measurements. This makes sure that you have a nice even distribution.

I'm very happy with how the Gee Tee came together - you could easy make one for every member of your family as the size range is so good. Some pattern companies charge up to $10 for a T-shirt pdf pattern so its great that George and Ginger Patterns are offering the Gee Shirt for FREE.

Final Thoughts: A great beginner T-shirt pattern that will get made over and over again.

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