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A Review of The Elevated Blazer Jacket Pdf Pattern by Ellie & Mac Patterns.

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The Elevated Blazer Jacket is a new release from Ellie & Mac - as the weather is warming up slightly here in the UK I thought it would be a great transitional piece. Recommended fabric is a sturdy knit with at least 30% horizontal stretch such as ponté or scuba. I used scuba leftover from making my Rock Skirt - purchased online from foreverfabrics (now closed unfortunately). Scuba is generally a really nice fabric to work with - I find it lovely to handle and sew and if you cut it neatly you can get away without hemming. Not all scuba is the same though - it comes in a variety of weights and the stretch amount varies a lot.

The lapels and collar are interfaced so I needed to purchase some knit interfacing specially for this project. The cheapest option I found was on Etsy. The product I tried is called 'Vlieseline H609 Lightweight Soft and Bi-elastic Fusible Weft Interlining'. It's important to match your interfacing with your fabric/project correctly. If I hadn't used knit interfacing I may have had difficulty easing the collar to the main body. This interfacing was nice to use - it ironed on well without wrinkling and I had no issue sewing with it.

The Elevated Blazer Jacket Pattern is a casual chic blazer jacket that you can wear anytime and anywhere. This truly is a must-have in your wardrobe! Wearing this Blazer Jacket will make you feel great! This pattern is suitable for the adventurous beginner.

Source: Ellie & Mac

Options include:

  • Rounded or Straight Front

  • Optional Patch Pockets

  • Optional Buttons.

The Elevated Blazer Jacket comes in sizes XXS - 8XL which is a full bust of 29" to 75" - very inclusive sizing! I made XL which requires 1.6 metres of fabric. The pattern is drafted for a Curvy Fit Size Chart that is drafted for a side waist of 8" and a height of 5'5".

The Ellie & Mac website states that "the instructions include steps for adjusting the pattern for a different side waist if needed" but they don't! I contacted Ellie & Mac on Facebook and an admin did contact me privately to talk through the adjustments required. I don't know if they intend to amend the pdf pattern instructions to address this omission.

There are shorten/lengthen lines on the front, back and sleeve pdf pattern pieces. Helpfully, the sleeve pattern piece has a chart showing you what the finished length will be for your size. Using this information I shortened the sleeves by 2" - this is a usual adjustment for me.

The Elevated Blazer Jacket is drafted for a side waist of 8" so I knew I had to shorten it by 1". There are waist darts in the centre of the back pdf pattern piece so I had to redraw those too to keep them symmetrical and equal length (this was helpfully explained to me by an admin at Ellie & Mac but I think it would be helpful to add more information in the instructions).

The presentation of the instructions has definitely improved since the last Ellie & Mac pattern I made. They are clear and colourful. I usually prefer instructions with diagrams rather than photographs but the photographs used are very sharp and clear, demonstrating the steps very well. There's also an accompanying youtube video which is great if you find instructions hard to follow and prefer a visual approach.

The Elevated Blazer Jacket was actually a really quick sew and came together nicely. The most challenging part, for me, was sewing the collar to the body at the inner right angles. You have to be careful to manoeuvre the fabric in such a way so that it doesn't get caught under your needle. I found it helped to mark out the stitch line with chalk so I knew exactly when to plant my needle, raise the foot and turn the fabric. I chose to topstitch all the way round the front, collar and hem which is a nice neat finish but I had to get my 'big iron' out to get enough steam to get rid of the wavy hems.

It doesn't suggest to do so in the instructions but I chose to sew the facing to the main jacket - stitching in the ditch at the shoulder seam. This helps the facing lay flat inside the back.

Elevated Blazer Jacket Pdf Pattern Review Ellie & Mac

I'm in two minds whether or not to add buttons - I plan to wear my The Elevated Blazer Jacket a few more times to decide if it's necessary. If I find really fancy buttons I might sew them on as a feature even if I have no intentions of using them.

Elevated Blazer Jacket Pdf Pattern Review Ellie & Mac

I'm really pleased with my finished The Elevated Blazer Jacket. I think the fit is pretty good - there's enough ease for movement while remaining shapely. The darts at the back are particularly flattering. My version feels more dressy/evening wear due to my fabric choice so I'd love to find some suitable ponté or scuba in a summery print with more of a daytime vibe.

Elevated Blazer Jacket Pdf Pattern Review Ellie & Mac

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