The Cuddle Tunic & Dress, Ellie & Mac

A Review of The Adult Cuddle Tunic & Dress Pdf Pattern by Ellie & Mac Sewing Patterns.

The Cuddle Tunic & Dress Pattern lives up to its name! You will feel so cuddly and comfortable in this trendy tunic or dress! The large front pocket makes this a must-have!

Source: Ellie & Mac

Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac

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The Cuddle Tunic & Dress pattern is drafted for a Curvy Fit based on a female body type with a height of 5'5" and a side waist of 8" and comes in sizes XXS-7XL. It's drafted to be constructed with a 4-way medium weight knit fabric with 50% stretch.

The Cuddle Tunic & Dress can also be purchased in children's sizing from 12 months up to Big Kid 14.

Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac

The Cuddle Tunic & Dress has a large front pocket and a loose fit style. The back piece is curved which gives it a nice bit of shaping. Other options include:

  • Tunic or Dress Length

  • Scoop or Cowl Neck

  • Fitted or Bishop Sleeve.

The Cuddle Tunic & Dress Pdf Pattern comes in Projector, A0, A4 and US Letter versions, all of which are layered. The instructions are easy to follow, and there is also a YouTube video showing construction.

I chose to make The Cuddle in a Dress Length with Bishop Sleeves and Scoop Neck. I didn't have enough fabric to make the whole dress from the same fabric so opted to make the neck band, cuffs, pocket bands, pocket lining and hem band in a contrast fabric. I'm pleased I did this as I think it has made The Cuddle Dress much more interesting - especially the finish of the pockets.

Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac

My measurements put me in a XL on their size chart with no grading required. It is drafted for a 8" side waist so I took out 1" where indicated on the pattern pieces. This is really easy to do - don't be scared to adjust the paper pattern where indicated - that's the point of making your own clothes after all!

Construction of The Cuddle Dress is fairly straight forward - there are no fiddly elements or fixings to deal with. I used my serger for the majority of construction but I did baste the bands in place with my sewing machine first before serging. I pressed really well with my steam iron at each step which I think helps with the finish - especially when you are putting in bands which have been stretched to fit.

I really liked the idea of Bishop Sleeves for The Cuddle Dress - they do use a lot of fabric though! There is a lot of fabric that has to be gathered to fit the circumference of the cuff and I'm not sure how easy this would be with thicker fabrics.

Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac
The Bishop Sleeve is very wide compared to the Cuff.
Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac
Gather up the Sleeve until it matches the Cuff.
Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac
Lots of pins help to keep the gathers evenly spaced.

I attached the Bishop Sleeves to the Cuff of The Cuddle Dress using the following procedure:

  1. Mark quarter marks on the raw edge of the cuff and sleeve - the seam will be one of your marks.

  2. Gather the raw edge of the sleeve by hand using a straight stitch and sewing needle - I prefer this to gathering on the sewing machine as it means I don't have to mess with the tension and stitch length half way through a project.

  3. Measure the sleeve against the cuff, pulling the threads until they are the same size. Knot the threads, even out the gathers and press the gathers in place.

  4. Right sides together, pin the cuff to the sleeve at the quarter marks, check the gathering is equally spaced and sew in place on the sewing machine. On my machine, the fabric runs through more smoothly if the gathers of the sleeve are at the bottom against the plate and the cuff is upper against the foot.

  5. Check that the gathers are laying flat with no tucks before serging the raw edges to finish.

  6. Thread the serger tails back through the stitches.

Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac
Using a Serger gives a neat finish to the raw edges.
Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac
The Serger Tails can be threaded through the stitching.
Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac
A neatly gathered sleeve.

When I tried The Cuddle Dress on I was very happy with the overall fit and comfort level. It does have a loose fit though - I probably could have made a size smaller from the waist down. Also, when reviewing the pictures on the website you can see how different the fit seems depending on the type of fabric used. Some testers have used a thicker sweatshirt type fabric which has given The Cuddle Tunic & Dress a much more fitted look.

Perhaps the Bishop Sleeves are too long. I could remove the cuffs and take off some length and re-attach but I probably won't! I might make adjustments to the paper pattern before sewing another version.

Cuddle Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern Review Ellie and Mac

I love pockets on a dress but the pockets on my Cuddle Dress are huge - opening across the whole of the front and down to the hem of the dress. You can keep your hands warm in them but if you put your phone or keys in them you'll be fishing around trying to retrieve them! Not a problem if you make the Tunic of course.

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