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A Review of The Crossover Top Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns.

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George + Ginger Patterns have just released three new asymmetric top patterns: The Loop, The Sweep and The Crossover. I chose to test The Crossover - I do love the look of the others though, especially The Loop! The patterns are available to purchase separately or in a bundle at a discount.

Crossover Top Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger

Recommended fabric is a knit with structure and 50% stretch such as Cotton Lycra. The Crossover Top is available in a size range of 1 - 36 which is a full bust range of 28" - 63". The size chart is quite detailed including bicep and wrist measurements and there's also a finished measurements guide too. The pattern comes in three height bands: Petite (4'10" - 5'2"), Regular (5'3" - 5'7") and Tall (5'8" - 6'). The Crossover Top is drafted with 2" negative ease so expect a fitted finish. The pdf is layered and comes in A4, US Letter, A0 and Projector versions.

Crossover Top Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger

Also included with the pdf files you receive is a Fit Adjustment Guide. This shows you how to make the following fit adjustments:

  • full bust / small bust

  • grading bust / waist / hip

  • shortening / lengthening front and back

  • grading sleeve

  • shortening / lengthening sleeve

  • full bicep.

Crossover Top Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger

At first glance this seems a lot to work through but it's explained very clearly with step-by-step instructions. I made my Crossover Top in size range 13 with a full bust adjustment. I also graded out the hips and shortened the sleeve. This can seem time consuming after printing out your patten - sometimes you just want to get on and sew! However, it's really worth it to get the perfect fit. Also, once you've done it once you can pretty much create a pattern block which can be applied to other patterns you've purchased.

Crossover Top Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger

The Crossover Top has very good instructions - each step is very clearly explained. There's a lot of binding, however, which can appear intimidating. I used a nice stretchy jersey that holds a crease well and this made the binding application easier. I sewed it on with a zigzag stitch to allow the fabric to stretch across the body without stitches breaking!

Crossover Top Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger

I'm pleased with the finished fit of The Crossover Top. I'm not 100% sure about the band that crosses over the shoulder though. It fits well when you're stood with your arms straight down but can pop off your shoulder when you move around. I'm glad I chose to bind in a contrast fabric and use mesh for the sleeve - it has resulted in a much more edgier look.

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