The Comfort Cardigan, The Wolf and The Tree

A Review of The Comfort Cardigan Pdf Pattern by The Wolf and The Tree.

Comfort Cardigan Wolf and Tree Pdf Pattern Review

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I'm in the house by myself today and after an early start I've already done all my chores! Sitting checking my facebook feed with a cup of tea I read that The Comfort Cardigan Pdf Pattern by The Wolf and the Tree is currently FREE - for 24 hours only. I downloaded it straight away as what do I have to lose?

Perfect all year around, a quick and rewarding sew, with stellar results. This pattern has minimal printing, quick assembly and sewing. This means you can have your cardigan from print to finish in under an hour!

Source: The Wolf and The Tree

I didn't know if I really needed another cardigan but a look through the tester pictures convinced me that this could be a nice little project that I could complete in a day. The Comfort Cardigan comes in sizes XS-5XL and the pdf includes A4/Letter and A0/Projector versions with Layers enabled.

Comfort Cardigan Wolf and Tree Pdf Pattern Review

Recommended fabric is any knit as long as it has drape. I had some giraffe print ponté from Tia Knight Fabrics - I'd purchased it online to make a pair of Sabrina Slims by Love Notions but it really wasn't suitable (I'm learning that ponté comes in many different forms). The knit weave is quite loose and there isn't much stretch so I thought I'd risk a cardigan with it.

The Comfort Cardigan has the following options:

  • regular or longer length

  • regular or double width cuffs.

I chose to make the longer length Comfort Cardigan with regular cuffs. I only had 1 metre of my giraffe ponté - I could get the main body out of this (making size L) but had to use another contrast fabric for the band and cuffs.

Comfort Cardigan Wolf and Tree Pdf Pattern Review

I know I got this pattern for free and shouldn't complain but the instructions are pretty terrible! If you're an absolute beginner you may get frustrated but if you've done simple construction with bands before you'll be fine and some may not consult the instructions at all. There are annoying typos too - I don't think the instructions were proofread before publication.

Comfort Cardigan Wolf and Tree Pdf Pattern Review

Two versions of construction are offered: Traditional or Quick. I chose the Traditional version as I thought I would get a neater finish at the sleeve cuff.

Comfort Cardigan Wolf and Tree Pdf Pattern Review

The Comfort Cardigan is a quick sew - it's a very simple design and there are no pockets but it's functional and only takes just over a metre of fabric to make. The style does mean that the cardigan doesn't close up in any way and hangs quite low off your shoulders - but your arms are covered and it adds a nice layer of interest over an outfit. The sleeve design does mean that you couldn't wear a coat over it though.

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