The Clematis Wristlet, Blue Calla Patterns

A Review of the FREE Clematis Wristlet Pdf pattern by Blue Calla Patterns.

Clematis Wristlet Blue Calla

Although I really don't need another bag I was attracted to The Clematis Wristlet because it has a cute design, doesn't use much fabric and I really wanted to make something other than clothing for a change.

Blue Calla Patterns are a Canadian company who sell a lovely variety of bag patterns. They also sell bag hardware and have tutorials on their site. I love to try a FREE pattern from a company that I am using for the first time and Blue Calla Patterns has a generous SEVEN FREE BAG PATTERNS!

Clematis Wristlet Blue Calla

The Clematis Wristlet is described as:

... a great pattern if you are in need of a quick craft show or gift item! It can be made with or without a wrist strap and has one focus fabric on the exterior with a faux leather/vinyl bottom. It has a slightly curved zippered closure that is easy to sew - especially if you've previously made zipper pouches.

Recommended fabric is a quilt weight cotton or home decor weight fabric for the exterior and a quilt weight cotton for the lining. There is a pocket inside and the finished measurements are Width: 10", Height: 5.5" and Depth 2".

Clematis Wristlet Blue Calla

As well as the fabric you will also need:

  • Interfacing

  • 8” zipper

  • 5/8” D-ring (I used two)

  • 1” Swivel Clasp (mine was smaller so I adapted the size of the strap to fit).

Clematis Wristlet Blue Calla

I used left-over pieces of fabric and hardware that I happened to already have and used leather (from my old sofa covers) for the focus fabric on the exterior. I chose to add a D-ring strap to both sides of the bag so that I could have the option of adding a full cross-body strap as well as a wristlet.

Clematis Wristlet Blue Calla

I found the instructions for The Clematis Wristlet with accompanying photographs very clear and easy to follow - definitely easy enough for an adventurous beginner. The most challenging part for me was sewing the leather! I do have a leather needle which makes a huge difference but the leather wouldn't feed through my machine smoothly creating a knot of stitches in one spot. To fix this, I laid a piece of tissue paper over the seam line and it fed through much better although I still had to hand crank over any thicker sections.

Clematis Wristlet Blue Calla

I am really pleased with the overall finish of The Clematis Wristlet and plan to make more. I don't think I'll use leather again though and I may do something different with the internal pocket. The pocket is attached in a 'patch pocket' style but I think I would prefer to make a larger pocket with the sides and bottom sewn in with the main side seams.

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