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A Review of The Bedight Bolero Pdf Pattern by George + Ginger Patterns.

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The Bedight Bolero comes in two versions: a buttoned up version with long sleeves and a sleeveless version with ruffled neck. I chose to make the long-sleeved version with collar.

The Bedight Bolero is the perfect accessory for all your Goth/Steampunk looks! Choose from an elegant button-up collared/puff sleeve version or keep it sweet and simple with the pull-on ruffle option!

Source: George + Ginger Patterns

Suggested fabric for The Bedight Bolero is a medium to heavyweight woven such as faux leather or denim. I used a black polycotton gabardine twill from - it provides enough structure for outer wear but is very easy to work with. I lined with an anti-static polyester satin from which makes the sleeved Bolero very easy to pull on and off. The Bedight Bolero is available in sizes Tween - 5X which is a full bust range of 28.5" - 55.5". The pdf is layered and comes in sizes A4, US Letter, A0 and Projector versions.

Bedight Bolero Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger Patterns

The Bedight Bolero is actually a really quick make and the instructions are very clear. You choose your size depending on your upper bust measurement and because the Bolero sits above the bust a FBA isn't required. There are instructions on how to tailor the sleeves, if required. I was happy with the fit across the bicep so left as is. The only sizing alteration I made was to turn up the sleeves an extra 1".

Bedight Bolero Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger Patterns

Construction is straightforward and the collar goes in very nicely. Once you have the outer and lining made up you place one inside the other, right sides together, and sew all the way around leaving a gap to turn it out ("bagging out"). The Bedight Bolero is then nicely finished off with topstitching.

Bedight Bolero Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger Patterns

The last step in the collared version of The Bedight Bolero is to add buttons. Instructions are given to add 4 x 5/8" buttons. One goes on the collar and the other three go on the bodice. I'm not very confident in my sewing machine's ability to add button holes. It usually goes really well on scrap fabric and then fails on my finished garment - I think it's when the fabric thickness is uneven which is usually the case near the edge of a seam. I already had 2 sets of 'frog fasteners' so decided to use them instead - I think they go with the look really well.

Bedight Bolero Pdf Pattern Review George + Ginger Patterns

I'm really happy with my finished Bedight Bolero - I enjoyed working with the woven fabrics and the instructions were really good. There were no frustrating elements to deal with and it all came together beautifully! I believe that an adventurous beginner would be able to make this Bolero and be very proud of the results.

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