The Aurora Tunic Dress, Wardrobe by Me

A Review of the Aurora Tunic Dress Pdf Pattern by Wardrobe by Me.

A Review of the Aurora Tunic Dress by Wardrobe by Me

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I originally made the Aurora Tunic Dress from Wardrobe by Me a year ago. I wanted something that I could layer up in the cooler months. I have recently found it again in my wardrobe and enjoy wearing it because it is comfortable and the fabric is so bright and jolly.

Wardrobe By Me describe The Aurora Tunic Dress as:

a lovely design with a front placket with gathers below the placket, and two collar options. Choose from several lengths and sleeves and make a multitude of garments from this one pattern. The pattern is designed for woven fabric.

I chose to make the dress version with long elasticated sleeves and ruffle hem without the belt or neck tie. Initially, I didn't have enough fabric to make the ruffle. I made up the dress but it looked very plain so I cut a wide strip off the bottom and patched it with the off-cuts I had to enable me to fashion a ruffle that just fit around the hem.

A Review of the Aurora Tunic Dress by Wardrobe by Me

The instructions for the Aurora Tunic Dress are easy to understand but the placket is a challenge. It may be worth practising on some scraps first. Wardrobe By Me have a blog post with a picture tutorial on how to sew a collar too.

The instructions for the Aurora Tunic Dress don't give any indication on how and where to finish the edges. If you followed the instructions as they are written you would end up with a beautifully constructed garment with seams that fray terribly! I read through the instructions several times and planned ahead on where I wanted to serge the seams - sometimes you want to serge in advance such as on a side seam where you will want to press the seam open and other times you can serge all in one go such as a shoulder seam.

The Aurora Tunic Dress is drafted with pockets but I really didn't like the way they looked. The opening was too small (even though I have small hands) and I felt that they were positioned in such a way that they added an odd shape at the hips. After washing, they were the same so I eventually cut them out of the side seam and closed it up.

A Review of the Aurora Tunic Dress by Wardrobe by Me

Looking back at my notes I can see why I had put the Aurora Tunic Dress away at the back of the wardrobe after making it - I wasn't really happy with it - I thought it was plain and I didn't like the pockets but after making adjustments had simply lost interest. However, now that I have 'found' it again I rather like it. It's well made and fits nicely. Its comfortable to wear and easy to layer.

Final Thoughts: It's been worth giving the Aurora Dress a second chance - I would like to make another, perhaps with the neck tie this time.

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