The Adult Perry Shorts, Petite Stitchery

A Review of The Adult Perry Shorts Pdf Pattern by Petite Stitchery.

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The Perry Shorts are a really practical design. The inner leggings (shorties) are sewn to the outer layer shorts at the waistband, although you could make them as separate pieces, and the pockets on the shorties mean there is somewhere to safely hide your phone. The leggings protect your modesty as well as protecting your thighs from 'chub rub'! There have been a few patterns similar to The Perry Shorts released in the last year but I particularly liked the design of the outer shorts that layer over the top: they are gathered at the waist and fit like culottes with side seams that curve up towards the waist - showing a glimpse of the shorties underneath.

Summer styles are in full swing and you are going to need a pair of trendy shorts to beat the heat! Meet Perry, the shorts you will be living in all summer long!
Not only are these shorts a breeze to sew- they are loaded with options that make this pattern a must have.

Source: Petite Stitchery

Recommended fabric is 50% 4-way stretch. For my wearable muslin pair I used leftover fabric from my Laundry Tee Dress and my Bra Dress Hack.

The Perry Shorts have the following options:

  • 2" or 3" Inseam

  • Elastic or Contour Waistband

  • Pocket or Plain Shorties

  • Separates or Combined garment

  • Modest or High Cut.

Sometimes a lot of options can be a bit confusing but I chose to make the 3" inseam shorties with pockets and a modest cut outer layer short with contour waistband. Using the size guide I made a XL with no alterations/grading. There is a small section in the pdf instructions explaining how to grade and adjust for rise if required.

The Perry Shorts are quite a quick sew although the gathering takes a bit of care. Instructions are accompanied with photographs so if the text doesn't quite make sense you can at least check what the photos demonstrate.

The outer layer shorts are not hemmed but usually stretch fabrics don't need hemming anyway. Just bear it in mind when choosing your fabrics as you don't want something which is going to roll up annoyingly. Also, the design means that the reverse is sometimes visible so make sure that you will be happy with how that looks. You could hem your fabric either in the standard way or using a rolled hem but you'll need to do that before attaching the waistband.

The shorties underneath will show at the sides so choose a complementary fabric. I was using off-cuts but I really like how these two fabrics go together! The best feature, for me, is the pockets - so practical for your phone but you wouldn't want anything too bulky in them.

I'm really pleased with my Perry Shorts but I think I'll try and make my next pair a little longer to suite my personal taste. Hopefully this will be an easy draft to create.

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