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A Review of the FREE 25K Bralette Pdf Pattern by Rad Patterns - plus how to turn it into a Dress by adding a Handkerchief Hem Skirt.

25K Bralette with Handkerchief Hem

To celebrate reaching 25K followers on Facebook, Rad Patterns have released a FREE pdf pattern - the 25K Bralette.

The 25K Bralette is:

... a low support lounge crop/bralette made to provide minimal support and maximum comfort!

The 25K Bralette is listed as $5 on the Rad Patterns website but if you join their Facebook Group you can find the code in the Announcements section to get the Bralette for FREE!

25K Bralette with Handkerchief Hem

The 25K Bralette comes in sizes XXS - 6X with cup options per size. Recommended fabric is knit with at least 50% stretch in each direction.

The instructions are very clear and concise with very nice diagrams - great for beginners and above. The bodice is lined and there is the option to add armbands or use the 'burrito method'. I used the burrito method because it gives a very satisfying neat finish with no raw edges on the inside. It can be a method that is difficult to get your head around at first but I felt that Rad described it very well and there is also a video to help.

25K Bralette with Handkerchief Hem

I used some lightweight jersey - its not particularly supportive - but soft and comfortable. You could easily use some active lycra stretch fabric and create something with more support.

According to the measurement chart I needed to make a Medium with a Large cup - this sizing worked out perfectly for me. After adding the band I was very happy with my 25K Bralette but I immediately knew that I wanted to see if I could make it into a dress. I had striped jersey remaining from a previous project and thought that this would go great with the black bodice.

25K Bralette with Handkerchief Hem

I've never made an item of clothing with a handkerchief hem but thought this would look great in the stripe. To cut a handkerchief shape you essentially cut a circle out of the centre of a square piece of fabric. The circumference of the circle needs to match the waistband you are attaching it to. To make it easier - fold the square in half twice and calculate the radius of the circle.

I needed to create a skirt with a waist circumference of 62cm. To calculate the radius you need to divide the circumference by 2π. Therefore, I divided 62 by 6.28. This gave me the answer of 9.87 which I rounded up to 10. Therefore, the radius I need is 10cm.

Handkerchief Hem Skirt Calculator

Once I had cut out the circle shape from the fabric it was simply a case of sewing it to the 25K Bralette waistband and then hemming. This ended up being a really quick dress to make and there are so many other variations I can make by adding different skirt shapes and lengths.

Final Thoughts: This is a great FREE pdf pattern to have in your collection. You get a great fit because of the different cup sizes included and there's so many ways to personalise your creations!

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