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A Review of the FREE Sew It Forward Sock Pdf Pattern by Ellie & Mac.

We're currently on lock down here in Cyprus because of COVID-19 which means that The Husband is working from home and The Teenager is studying for his A'Levels via the Internet. I would love to be doing lots and lots of sewing but unfortunately I don't have a lot of fabric stashed away so I am looking for projects that will use up my scraps and left-overs.

sew it forward sock

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Luckily for me Ellie & Mac have just released a Sock Pattern that is FREE! This is a great little pattern with kids and adults sizing. You choose your size by measuring your sole. I measured 8.5" which was a size 4-5. This was a great fit. Recommended fabric is 50%, 4-way stretch knit.

I thought that I would print out all sizes of the Sew It Forward Sock Pattern using the Layers option in the PDF and then trace off the size I want but the pattern is only four pages long so I just printed my size with the option of printing again if I want to make other sizes.

After rummaging though my box of knit scraps I decided to use this animal print fabric (snake skin??) that is very light and silky feeling. There are only four pattern pieces for each sock so you really don't need much fabric at all and of course you can mix and match different fabrics together for a really fun pair of socks!

The instructions are clearly laid out and the Sew It Forward Socks are a quick and easy make, especially if you are using a serger. The step where I think you need to be careful is when you sew the Front piece to the Back and Bottom. At this stage you have already created the Heel but if you lay your fabric pieces out as demonstrated on pages three and four of the instructions you will end up with a flap where the Heel joins to the Front. As you sew over that junction you almost have to lift the heel and pull it to the left so too much fabric doesn't get caught up. This is explained very well on the Ellie & Mac YouTube page.

sew it forward sock

I am very pleased with my finished Sew It Forward Socks and they are very comfortable to wear - especially in this light weight fabric. However, if you are very sensitive to seams against your skin you may find them uncomfortable - however, seeing as this is a FREE pattern from Ellie & Mac its worth giving them a try.

sew it forward sock

Final Thoughts: I love the fact that you need very little fabric to make the Sew It Forward Socks - I see a matching pair of socks for everything I make now!

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