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A Review of The Quilted Slippers Pdf Pattern by Sew DIY.

Quilted Slippers Pdf Pattern Review Sew DIY

The Quilted Slippers from Sew DIY have popped up a few times on my facebook feed - as there was a sale on recently I decided to give them a try. I thought they looked comfortable and could potentially be a good gift making project. They're a perfect way to use up leftover woven fabrics too.

The Sew DIY Quilted Slippers are the perfect way to keep toes warm and use up small cuts of fabric. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to quilting. The quilted exterior is constructed by quilting a layer of fabric and batting together. You can also use pre-quilted fabric for a quicker project.

The Quilted Slippers come in two options:

  • View A - booties that can be worn with the top turned down to reveal the lining or with the top up to keep the ankles warm

  • View B - an open top skimmer style.

I chose to make View B - these were a test pair so I wanted to use the least amount of fabric.

The Quilted Slippers are sized for Women's EU 25 - 42 and Men's EU 39 - 47.5. There is a size chart in the pdf instructions and you are encouraged to use this for more accuracy. I'm a UK 4 which is EU 37 and my foot length is 9". I made size 'C' according to the chart and the size has come out just right for me.

Quilted Slippers Pdf Pattern Review Sew DIY
Pattern pieces for View B: quilted exterior, fleece lining and ribbon for tabs.

Suggested fabric for The Quilted Slippers is a medium-weight cotton, linen, flannel or pre-quilted fabric. A non-slip fabric such as leather could be used for the sole. Recommended fabric for the lining is a medium-weight cotton, linen, flannel or fleece. I had some leftover linen from my Tempo Sundress which was perfect and I used a fleece blanket from a discount store for the lining.

The pdf is layered and comes in sizes A4, US Letter and A0. The instructions are very clear with simple diagrams but I found the youtube videos the most helpful. The first video shows you how to do the quilting and I found this really helpful as I've not done quilting before. There were lots of useful little tips that I found invaluable. The second video clearly demonstrates the construction and once you've watched this you probably won't have to look at the printed instructions.

I have to say, I really enjoyed the quilting - there's something quite calming about sewing lots of straight lines! Once the quilting is done the rest of the slippers comes together very quickly. The little tab at the heel is optional (I used ribbon for mine) but I would recommend adding it as it aids pulling the slippers on and off.

Quilted Slippers Pdf Pattern Review Sew DIY

The fit is quite loose - not tight fitting - although the type of fabric you use for the lining will affect this (my cheap fleece is very thin). I didn't use anti-slip fabric on the sole, the quilted linen gives some traction, but I might consider it if I made these as a gift.

Overall, I'm happy with my Quilted Slippers - they're a fun make and comfy to wear. I think you could be really creative with your fabric choices and embellishments and make something really unique!

Quilted Slippers Pdf Pattern Review Sew DIY

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