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A Review of Pattern #2109: Turban Two Pack Pdf Pattern by Trish Newbery.

Turban Two Pack Pdf Pattern Trish Newbery

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It's still cold enough here in Northumberland, Uk to want to wear a hat especially when you like to go out on an early morning dog walk like my husband and I do and I thought that The Pattern #2109 Turban Two Pack by Trish Newbery would be perfect.

The Turban Two Pack comes with two options:

  • Beginner Level with straight band and loop front

  • Intermediate Level with twist top and narrow band crossover finish

The Turban Two Pack comes in sizes XXS - XL which is a head circumference of 51cm - 63 cm. I chose to make the Intermediate Level option in size SMALL with some left over French Terry fabric.

Turban Two Pack Pdf Pattern Trish Newbery
For best results please choose light to medium weight knits with at least 40% horizontal stretch such as Cotton Lycra, light French Terry, DBP, Merino wool and Nuyarm.

Source: Trish Newbery

The Turban Two Pack Pdf Pattern has the LAYERS function enabled and is available in US Letter, A4, Copyshop and Projector versions.

Turban Two Pack Pdf Pattern Trish Newbery

The Turban Two Pack is a quick make and doesn't use much fabric but the instructions require some interpretation! The written tutorial is accompanied by step-by-step photographs but they aren't very useful because the fabric used has the same colour front and back so you can't tell which is the 'right' way up. Also, the pattern pieces are notched but they don't match the instructions. If you've made this sort of hat before you may not even need the instructions and it didn't take me too long to work out what to do but some may find it irksome.

Turban Two Pack Pdf Pattern Trish Newbery

The sizing of The Turban was spot on for me - the SMALL is a very comfortable fit. On my walks I have found it great to wear - it keeps my head warm and stops my hair blowing around but doesn't get too hot to wear like my previous woollen beanie did. I may well make more in different colours - its a great stash buster!

Turban Two Pack Pdf Pattern Trish Newbery

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