My Sewing Space

I don't have a fancy sewing room like you see on instagram but I am lucky enough to have a spare room that I can use for sewing and which I don't have to clear up at the end of the day. I'm also fortunate to have fitted wardrobes in this room so there is plenty of storage space too.

I've had my Brother XL-5021 sewing machine for 18 years and it works well enough if I treat it right. It doesn't like sewing really fine or really thick fabric and the stitches available are limited, however, I am hesitant to upgrade just yet.

Brother XL-5021 Sewing Machine

When I started to sew for myself on a regular basis two years ago, I decided to purchase a serger. Things like that are very expensive to buy here in Cyprus so when Lidl advertised their sergers I thought I would take a chance. Its a decision I have never regretted. The serger is super easy to use even the threading! The only negative is that this serger doesn't have a built in bin to catch the scraps which is why I have a plastic bag wedged underneath it to catch them all. I also buy serger thread spools from Lidl and have been very happy with the quality. I feel that using a serger has really improved my sewing - especially when using knits. 

Serger Element Pfaff 1450 OL

The majority of patterns that I use are in pdf format - they are cheaper and give me instant gratification. I see a pattern in the morning that I like the look of and I'm sewing it up by the afternoon. I use clips to label and hang up the printed patterns so I don't have to roll or fold them although I am going to run out of space in the wardrobe soon.

My other important tool is my iron - again its nothing fancy but I use it on every sew. I also have some pressing tools that are very useful especially the 'ham' which I made myself with scraps.

I'm very proud of my dress form - again buying one here is expensive so I had a look around and realised that I could make one. At first I was tempted by the duct tape versions that people make on YouTube but then discovered a company called Bootstrap. Essentially you send in your measurements (and there are a lot to take) and they create a pdf pattern and instructions on how to make the dress form to your exact size. I used fabric from the remnants section and stuffed the dress form with an old duvet. This dress form is great for pinning fabric to as she's soft all over and I often steam clothes while they are on her to get a great finish on neck and arm bands. The only down side is that you can't change the size/shape of her like you can with an adjustable dress form.

Bootstrap Dress Form

I'm lucky to have a large desk that I can fit everything on - two office chairs mean I can whizz around between sewing machine and serger!

Geordiehandbag's Sewing Adventures

Welcome to my Sewing Blog! 

My name is Joanne and I love to sew. Here I'll be sharing my hand-made makes and giving my honest opinion on pdf patterns and how easy they are to understand and construct.