Making a Summer Dress while it's Raining outside ...

How I combined two FREE Pdf Patterns to create a Sleeveless Summer Dress.

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I bought a lot of this fabric from with a particular outfit in mind but when it arrived it was much more 'holey' and see-through than I'd expected. I've previously made a Laundry Day Top and a Babydoll Dress from it but I still have plenty left so thought I'd make an easy-to-wear Summer sleeveless dress.

The first challenge is that this fabric is see-through! I decided to use some black mesh to line it - I've used it for other projects and it adds good support while remaining lightweight; this is meant to be a Summer dress so I don't want to make it too warm to wear.

Black Jersey Fabric with Mesh Lining
The mesh fabric as a lining does a great job at making this fabric less see-through.
Summer Dress made with 25K Bralette and Lounge Gown Skirt.
Bramble the Border Terrier doesn't like to miss out on a photo opportunity!
Summer Dress made with 25K Bralette and Lounge Gown Skirt.
The 25K Bralette Bodice has quite a low back but still hides my bra.

For the bodice I decided to use The 25k Bralette by Rad Patterns. This pattern is FREE if you join their Facebook page. I've used this pattern before (read my REVIEW HERE). I found it to be an excellent fit because the pattern comes in sizes XXS - 6X with cup options per size. I made mine using the 'Burrito Method' which is a way of sewing your main fabric to the lining with all the seams enclosed. Rad Patterns have a short video on YouTube demonstrating this method.

This fabric is a challenge to sew because of the holes in it - sometimes you end up with loose bits hanging at the seams and the loops are easy to snag in the sewing foot. I used wash-away-tape to hold some of the loose pieces in place and basted all my seams before finishing on the serger.

Summer Dress made with 25K Bralette and Lounge Gown Skirt.
I made the lining shorter so that the see-through elements are visible at the bottom of the skirt.

I chose to use the Skirt from the FREE Lounge Gown Pdf Pattern from George + Ginger Patterns. I find this a really flattering shape. It's not quite a full circle skirt but still has lovely drape. I cut the outer fabric at the Regular length and the lining fabric at the Mini length. I didn't want the lining to be as full so I cut it with less drape.

Drafting a lining for a skirt
I cut two skirt pieces on the fold and two lining pieces.

The skirt construction is very simple: sew up the side seams of the main skirt and then the lining. I placed the lining inside of the main skirt and basted them together at the waist before sewing to the bodice. I didn't hem the mesh lining but hemmed the outer fabric with a zigzag stitch to try and catch all the loose bits of fabric.

Summer Dress made with 25K Bralette and Lounge Gown Skirt.
I didn't hem the mesh lining as it won't fray.

I'm really pleased with how my Summer Dress has turned out. It's a great fit while being very comfortable to wear. I only wish I'd made it earlier in the year as I'm not sure if we'll have the weather for it now here in the UK!

Summer Dress made with 25K Bralette and Lounge Gown Skirt.

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