Making a Face Mask

People are starting to take the Covid-19 virus much more seriously now and many are wearing masks and gloves. The medical grade masks used by health professionals (N95) protect the wearer from airborne particles and at first it was argued that any other type of mask is pretty useless in the prevention of catching or spreading a virus but now that there is a shortage of masks it is being reported that any mask is better than no mask.

DIY face mask

There are many different face mask patterns to be found on the internet - some even have an opening so that you can insert a 'filter'. On I found this interesting article where different fabrics were tested to see how effective they are at capturing viruses. It is generally agreed that the denser, more woven fabric used the better the mask will be at protecting you from airborne particles.

I found a YouTube video that shows you how to make a pattern from cotton that has felt as an inner lining. Felt is really dense and I happen to have some so I thought I would give it a try!

DIY face mask

Instructions for drawing up the pattern are here. I found it easy to follow but it is one size only. This size fits me perfectly but when I made a mask for The Husband it was too small - I'm going to try and draft a bigger size for him soon.

DIY face mask

Instructions for putting the face mask together are here. It is extremely straight forward - as well as your cotton fabric for the outer and inner, you also need felt and elastic. The only thing I did slightly differently was to top stitch the centre seam so that it lay nice and flat.

I obviously can't recommend these masks for making you safe from catching the Covid-19 or any virus but you may enjoy making up a few to have with you just in case. Stay safe!

EDITED TO ADD: I have blogged about other free pdf mask patterns I have tried here.

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