I broke my Serger!

The perils of using too many Pins when using a Serger ...

Lidl Serger Pfaff Singer Overlocker

I was enjoying myself testing a new pattern bundle release coming from George and Ginger Patterns when disaster struck - I went over a pin with my serger! I admit I have done this before but this time there was too much damage done. The Upper Cutter could no longer cut the fabric and just left a mangled mess of fabric.

Serger Overlocker Cutting Blades Lidl Singer Pfaff

The blades were easy to remove and I could clearly see the damage done, especially to the Upper Cutter. My serger is from Lidl and I have been extremely happy with its performance but I was always nervous about how I would replace or repair. The model is Element by Pfaff 1450 OL but the manual that comes with it is for a Singer S14-78. I am aware of only one sewing machine shop here in Cyprus and lucky for me its a Singer shop.

Serger Lidl Overlocker Singer Pfaff

I took the blades into the Singer shop the following day but the lady, however kind, wouldn't accept that my machine was a Singer model (I wish I'd taken a copy of the manual in with me as she was quite sniffy when I admitted that my machine was from Lidl). I asked if her technician could sharpen the blades and she said she would get him to take a look. I've read mixed reviews on if these blades can be sharpened. Some people have said that they have been able to do it successfully but the majority agreed that because of the unique angle and the way the two blades have to cut past each other its not possible to do it correctly. Indeed, the Singer shop called me two days later to report that he was unable to do anything with them.

I was relieved to see that the blades are available to purchase online from Amazon or ebay but unfortunately they don't deliver to Cyprus. The postal system here is really poor anyway so I wouldn't have risked having anything sent directly to me (especially as these blades are not cheap -£28!). My only option was to have the blades delivered to an address in the Uk and for my husband to bring them back for me when he was commuting between the Uk and Cyprus. 

serger overlocker singer pfaff lidl

This turnaround was going to take two weeks but I suppose it could have been worse! In the meantime I was able to still use the serger by turning off the cutting facility and just letting the machine overlock. There is a simple switch on the side of my serger that disables the cutting blade. I had committed to testing two tops, a skirt and a pair of trousers and I had deadlines to meet. Obviously, the finish wasn't quite as neat because you don't have the lovely neat edge that the cutting blades leave but at least the fabric was prevented from fraying too much.

It was such a relief when my husband returned here with the blades and they fit perfectly. I also took the opportunity to give the insides of the serger a good clean and a drop or two of oil. I have since tried to limit my use of pins, trying clips instead but I do find them a bit clunky and  not quite as good a hold.

I really must order another set of blades to have as a spare set - I really realised how much I use the serger and rely on it on a daily basis.

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